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is beautiful

We believe in simplicity because we know that fewer ingredients and less clutter lead to a better design. Simplicity is about quality over quantity.

We keep away from

so, we can focus on the features and issues that matter to you most.

Asking what can be removed is often more effective than asking what can be added.

The best part is no part.

In-Time implementation

We know the value of time.
Therefore, we focus on efficiency.

We are an agile team with the ambition to quickly deliver prototypes as a basis for discussions.

Prototypes are a powerful tool for creating a common understanding of the project and saving time in conceptual work.

Expanding scopes and a misconception of complexity are key drivers for delays in software projects. So,

For every YES,
there are a thousand NOs.

Focusing on the important bits, we create robust solutions and stick to set timelines.

Tight deadlines
and high quality
are our comfort zone.

Solutions we offer

We offer consulting and engineering to help you digitalize
your business
contact us to find out which model suits you best.


short term
billing by the hour
technology consulting by the hour, usually for small and short term assignments or as an inital touchpoint in order to evaluate possible further cooperation.


short and mid term
fixed price
software engineering, agile and prototype based, tailored to client's needs.
engineering projects are usually scoped to a fixed budget.


mid and long term
revenue based
next level software engineering cooperation, developing products in cooperation with clients, aiming to sell the products together.


long term
earnings based
partnering via joint-venture legal entities and/or billing in stocks and/or cash based on revenue figures. classical business partnership.

Tech we master

Every technology has its season – its spring, summer and fall.

We try to choose technologies in their spring when doing solution research.
But pragmatism is key. Therefore, we decide on the set of technologies that is tailored best to our client's needs.

HTML5, JSON, GPT-4o, SVG, postgres, NestJS, AI, .NET core
JavaScript, electron, TypeScript, ECMAScript, VSCode, GNU
SASS, CSS, Canvas, Android, CSV, UTF-8, Atom, iOS, zsh
git, npm, QR, HTTPS, FTP, Llama, Gemini
JS, Kotlin, Java, YML, Oracle, Swift, Go
PHP, R, XPath, LLM, Apache, SQL, BSD, wasm
C/C++, C#, XML, DeepL, Linq, Chart.js,
UNIX, mongoDB, Python, Perl, SSH, HTTP, Putty
Node.js, deno, macOS, nginx, ufw, mysql
Linux, TensorFlow, Docker, OpenAI, Photoshop, InDesign
RegExp, Bootstrap, Angular, express.js,
Vue.js, material, RxJS, React, jQuery, Spring
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Dark Red

mobile fidelity

We promote cross-platform solutions. So, we genuinely prefer the web tech stack – targeting different screen sizes. Responsive design is more important than ever:

Mobile devices generate more than 50 percent of global website traffic.

load example

Artificial Intelligence

The release of OpenAI's GPT-4 in spring 2023 and advancements towards multi-modality in 2024 show the world the amazing and growing potential of generative AI technology
In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of the competition. silversky continuously monitors the latest developments and provides advisory to help businesses seamlessly integrate AI models into their offerings, enabling them to unlock new opportunities and drive growth. This changes everything...

We believe this technology is a game-changer for the tech industry and humanity as a whole. The way we have used computers for the last decades is about to change rapidly.

Are you ready for the next paradigm shift?

  • Staying Informed:
    Our team constantly tracks the latest trends and breakthroughs in AI research, ensuring that you benefit from the latest technologies available.
  • End-to-End Implementation:
    From concept to execution, we support our clients with the AI integration process ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.
  • Prompt Engineering:
    We design tailored, high-quality prompts for AI models, enhancing user experience and ensuring optimal output.
  • AI Education:
    The way we interact with technology and the skills required to succeed in an AI-driven world change quickly. We show you how to best use the new tools.

ask our AI advisor*

*) AI answers are indicative

Clients we've worked for

Our clients operate in various fields:
Biotech, E-Commerce, Human Resources, Engineering, Energy, Pharma, Trading
as well as Art and Culture.

Over the years, we have learned a lot from them. We are proud of our experience and our ability to view projects from various angles. Yet, we are still eager to learn more.

We support our clients in all implementation phases.
And whenever we see the need for additional expertise, we consult our extensive network of partner firms.

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get to know us

Adrian Rabenseifner

Adrian Rabenseifner

founding partner

our man with the visual flair and scientific mind,
always keen on reducing complexity

responsible for AI, UX and minimal design

Beat Sieber

Beat Sieber

founding partner

our tech scout and entrepreneurial mind,
always keen on exploring new opportunities

responsible for finance, infra and dev ops



Marketing Assistant

our virtual AI based assistant,
answering questions on our website



coding assistant

our man for writing boilerplate,
API calls and framework code




client advisor, helping
Velofactory with client questions


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